WHAT’S NEW IN HO 10242020

Hi All,  The limited edition NJ Nostalgia Hobby exclusive VWs are in final stages of production.   Here are a couple of pics to show you what is coming. The first shot is to show the interior detail including the classic VW flower vase!   Don’t forget to pre order yours, limited to 50!  Joe 


WHATS NEW IN HO 10-17-2020

Hi all,  I hope you are doing well in these difficult times.  Here are some new Bauers arriving the end of Oct/early Nov. Hopefully they will help you enjoy your time at home.

Ford Capri RS 2600 Grab “6h Nürburgring 1973” # 6 Limited to 150 world wide, $109.99 + shipping
BLUE ALFA 1750 GTV NEW 10-2020.jpg
Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce Bertone dark blue $99.99 + shipping
Pre-order yours now to insure delivery.  
Also coming in late October/early November, the first NJ Nostalgia Hobby/Bauer exclusive.  This will be a VW Beetle Export 1200 in red with white side deco, full highly decorated interior, overrider bumpers, white walls and chrome VW wheels.  All packaged in a full color exclusive box.  Price to be announced.  LIMITED TO 50 CARS!  Pre order yours now/pictures to follow as soon as available.  
I have just received a restock of several Bauers and will be listing them on Ebay and my website shortly.   Stay well and Regards,  Joe