What’s New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  Just in from Sideways, the 935/78 Porsche (Moby Dick) driven by Jackie Ickx in winning the 6 hours of Silverstone in 1978.  $80.99 with Slot It chassis, and extra undecorated racing wing.  SW20.  In Stock, call to reserve yours.

SW20- Porsche Moby Dick 082713

Reminder the 1/32 track will be back the week of Labor Day.  I hope to see you racing your 1/32 in the store then.

See you soon.  Joe

What’s New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  Just in today from Scalextric:

image street McLaren red C3396

A spectacular street version of the McLaren MP4-12c in metallic “Volcano” red.  This full feature car has working head and tail lights and is DPR.  C 3396, $54.99 and in stock


Next are two cars for home use or for racing in our VERY popular Can Am series.  Note: 1/32 season starts here in the store in just 10 days!

image 70 Boss 302 green

First up is a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 in teal green as driven by Mike Folsom at Lime rock in 1962.  This car features a full interior.  C3318 and in stock, $54.99.

image Gardner Castrol Camaro,jpg

The second Trans Am car is a 1973 Camaro as driven by Australian Frank Gardner in the same Trans Am series.  (Gardnier actually drove a 1970 Boss 302 in an earlier race!). This full feature car has working head and tail lights and is DPR.  C3316 and in stock, $54.99

See you soon.  Joe

What’s New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  Some new cars in from Scalextric and Slot It:


081613 images ford GT40 C3316

C3315 Ford GT40, 1966 Lemans Ligier and Grossman, #15 $54.99 high detail with lights

081613 images Audi Police 3374

C3374 Audi R8 Police car with working head lights, tail lights AND overhead lights,  Not enough?  There is even a European siren and its DPR ready!  $54.99 Note: police vehicles always sell out quickly!

081613 images Audi Phoenix Racing

C3386 Audi R8 LMS, Phoenix Racing , headlights, tail lights, high detail and DPR.  $54.99

081632 images McLaren Hexis racing

C3382 McLaren MP4-12C GT3, No 1 Team Hexis, high impact, low feature and DPR, $44.99.

081613 images Slot It Lowenbrau Porsche 962

Slot It: Porsche 962 IMSA number 14 as it ran and took second at Sebring, 1987.  $69.99 inline motor.

Thanks for the time and see you soon.  Joe

What’s New in H.O.

Hi Guys,  A few more new items and some refills in from Bauer of Germany:

 bauer 4483 ambulance
A super high detailed Mercedes 200 ambulance (krankenwagen) with a full molded interior including the driver’s compartment with driver and the rear with attendant and patient!  The blue light flashes in the European style.  $91.99  Bauer 4483
Bauer 4304 red BMW 501
A BMW 501 in wine red and wide white walls, $78.99 Bauer 4304
 bauer ambulance rear detail

A view of the rear of the ambulance

Back in stock:
Bauer 4482 Mercedes 200 station wagon red/white German Auto Club, $ 88.99
Bauer 4367, Ford Transit Beer truck with load. $87.99
Bauer 0913, BMW 2800 CS Llimited Edition $97.99.
Call or stop by to get yours!  Joe

Whats New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys, Just in from Scalextric:

Ford Escort MkII “Castrol” #19 C3416 $54.99


Bertie Fisher is one of Ireland’s most legendary rally racers; winning the Irish Rally Championship four times and the Circuit of Ireland 3 times. Commemorate Fisher’s successful rally career with this Mk II Escort that is without a doubt the most iconic rally car in the world. The Mk II records five consecutive RAC Rally victories from 1975-1979, and a variety of other international rally wins.


Holden L34 Torana “Blues Union” Stirling Moss #17 C3304


The Holden L34 Torana as driven by Sir Stirling Moss and Sir Jack Brabham at Bathurst in 1976 in the Hardie Ferodo 1000. A famous incident occurred at the start of the race at Mount Panorama at Bathurst. The highly anticipated race entry with the UK and Australia’s most respected and accomplished drivers of the era, finished before the race started! The No.17 car failed to get cleanly away from the grid and was duly shunted by a following car. The car didn’t cross the Start Line but was recovered back to the Pits where it was eventually repaired and recorded some laps before retiring with further mechanical issues. An unfortunate end to one of the biggest stories of the year and now embedded in Bathurst folklore.

In Stock. See you soon. Joe

What’s New in H.O.

Hi Guys,  In from Auto World:

Legends of the Quarter Mile, four 1971 funny cars on 4 gear chassis. $21.99 each.









Also available is the Legends of the Quarter Mile Pro Racing Drag Strip, featuring a fully functional LED Christmas tree, Electronic finish line with WIN lights, in-track sensors fro red foul light, Pro and sportsman racing modes and 13 feet of race track.  The two cars in the set are 
the newly-tooled Blue Max and RED Jungle Jim Camaro.  $139.99.

See you soon.  Joe