Whats New in H.O.

Hi Guys,  HO race season is upon us (First race is Friday March 8) and there are a couple of new items available:

Silicone tires:  I have been selling RTV silicone slip on tires in some two dozen sizes for over 30 years.  One of the best selling tires are the .500 inch slip on tires for Aurora Hot Rods and Indy cars.  Their high profile and excellent stick have made them great tires for top end speed, but didn’t help their handling much.  Those same compound tires are now available in .468 which will provide better handling with the same great stick.  ECHORR lower size limit is .460, so these should be ECHORR legal.  $1.50 pair in black and limited colors.
 hot rod tires old and new sizes.jpg
 New from Auto World: Due in Wednesday:  Following up on their recent release of vintage and new Mountain Dew and Pepsi trucks are two different Richard Petty and Kendall trucks ($23.99 each)
 Richard Petty and Kendal trucks
Richard Petty and Kendal trucks 2
Also in this week is the latest release of Auto World Thunderjets (see pics) $21.99 each
 Thunderjet Popular Mechanics 1
 thunderjet Popular Mechanics chrome cars
The HO race schedule will be posted this week.  Check the site, www.njhobby.net for listings.  Something new this year is Beginners Month.  The entire month of March will feature races which will be easy for the racer new to HO and fun for the seasoned race veteran.  These races will feature cars which will require minimum tuning and should allow for the beginner to be fairly competitive.  See you soon.  Joe

Whats New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  

From Fly:
709102 Porsche 917 LH as it ran in the 1971 LeMans race, driven by P. Rodriguez and Jackie Oliver.  Gulf livery.   $62.99
 fly 709102 917 LH.jpg
060102 Porscher Kremer CK5 as it ran in 1983 Le Mans, driven by Reicahrd Cleare, Tony Dron and Richard Jones. Yet a different Gulf Livery, $78.99
fly 060102 Porsche Kremer CK5.jpg
From Slot It:  A restock of some 60 bags of Slot It parts (tires/wheels/ guides/gears/etc).  If we didn’t have it last time you asked, we should have it now.
Thanks for taking the time to look,  and see you soon.   Joe

Whats New in H.O.

Hi Guys,  Bauer is alive and kicking (once again).  After over a year with no new offerings, I have received the first of two shipments of new Bauer cars.  With the exchange rate still favoring the Euro, high shipping fees and customs these beauties are still not cheap but the detail and quality are AWESOME!!

0930 BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina 4th place car Monza 1973, #6 only 150 made, $103.99 each
 bauer 930
0931 BMW 3.0 CSL Motorsport Eifeirennen, Winner 1973 #24 only 150 made $103.99 each
 bauer 931
0932 BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina 24 Hours of Nurburgring 1973, #29 only 150 made, $103.99 each
 bauer 932
0933 BMW 3.0 CSL Alpina, 24 Hours of Nurburgring 1973 #30 only 150 made $103.99 each
 bauer 933
4447 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV red, $82.99 (restock)
 bauer 4447
4473 Mercedes Benz 190D Beige with green roof, $94.99
 bauer 4473
4475 Mercedes Benz 190D Police dark green with working overhead light $97.99
 bauer 4475
4476 Mercedes Benz 190D Fire Chief car with working overhead light $97.99
 bauer 4476
4481 Mercedes Benz 200 Station Wagon, medium blue $84.99
bauer 4481
All are in stock and in limited quanties, order yours SOON!   Joe