Whats new in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  There are several new cars in from Carrera this week.  The first is a beautiful Limited edition vintage Ferrari D50 that ran at Reims in 1956.  The packaging is a knockout and it comes with matching Ferrari DIGITAL 132 controller.  This car is the ulitimate Carrera 132 digital collectible and one sweet looking ride.  This car will operate on most analog systems as an analog car (not using digital controller).  $139.99 and VERY limited.

carrera limited ed box.jpg
carrera limited ferrari.jpg
Carrera continues to pump out Superbirds and Charger 500’s in different liveries.  The latest in this long lived line of cars:
#27398 Plymouth Superbird #8, 1972 $39.99 and in stock (analog)
#27397 Dodge Charger 500, #30, 1972 $39.99 and in stock (analog)
 Carrera 27397 Dodge Charger 500 #30, 1969. Preorder now!
#30615 Mini Countryman WRC, Equipe Palmeirnha Rally, 2012 $53.99 and in stock (digital)
#30625 Alfa Romeo GTA Silhouette $53.99 and in stock (digital)
 Carrera 30625 Alfa GTA silhouette D132. Preorder now!
#30624 Alfa Romeo GTA Silhouette $53.99 and in stock (digital) and  #27415 analog ($39.99 and in stock)
 red ramao
Remember we are open every day until Christmas!   See you soon.  Joe

Whats New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  MRRC has made two more Cheetahs, bringing the total to 4 different colors.  Here are the new ones.  I  particularly like the yellow one with the classic ‘Cheetahs always win‘ ( a play on cheaters never win) deco. $61.99 and in stock.  Joe 

MC 12010 Cheetah $61.99


MC 12009 Cheetah $61.99

Thanks and see you soon.  Joe

Whats New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  A bunch of new stuff from Ninco, all in stock!
Ninco 50607 Audi R18 2012 Sebring winner. Preorder now!

Ninco 50607 Audi R18 2012 Sebring winner $79.99 (I guess since EVERYBODY else is doing one…..)
This Audi R18 breaks new ground for NINCO with high-power, high torque “Boxer-style” NC-12 “Crusher” motors coupled with a 9:24 gear ratio. The result is quick, crisp acceleration and high top speed. Slot enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that NINCO is including the industry standard 3/32 size axles, gears and bearings, allowing for trouble-free customization. The new Audi R18s boast a newly designed motor pod with fully adjustable spring suspension as standard equipment. They also feature metal wheels and fully adjustable front axle ride height.

The perfect car to run on the club. 3/32″. Ready for competition right out of the box. NC-14 engine, chassis with motor pod with adjustable suspension, light cockpit, 4WD, front ProShock suspension, double bearings, ProRace V.03 tires, new crown 29z and rear tires with new design and soft LP compound.
The ideal car for pilots, 3/32” fully equipped to the competition right out of the box. ProRace long guide, NC-12 motor, chassis with motor pod, light cockpit, angle winder 31z/13z transmission, ultra low front tire on 15“ rim and 19×10 tire on rear 17“ hub
LANCIA 037 “MARTINI” 50582 $69.99
A legendary car and famous Martini livery for enthusiasts of the history of motor sport. Enjoy this beautifully detailed car on the track or on your collector shelf! Equipped with medium (blue) shocks, 20,000 rpm NC-9 motor, in-line 9z/27z gearing.
See you soon.  Remember I am open every day till Christmas.  Joe