Aurora Parts



We currently  have hundreds of Aurora T-Jets and Vibrator cars available. Please call for availability. (908)-322-2676

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AURORA T-jet PARTS (1963 -1971)  
Part # Description Price
AUR 302 T-jet Gear Plate with driven gear and lower pinion gear – clean used $7.99
AUR 303 T-jet Motor Magnets BLACK -pair $2.49
AUR 308 T-jet Armature See AUR 325 SOLD OUT
AUR 309 T-jet Motor Commutator Brushes-pair SOLD OUT
AUR 313 T-jet Pick Up Shoes-pair $3.50
AUR 314 T-jet Pick Up Shoe Springs-pair $1.50
AUR 316 T-jet Wheels-4 pcs. $3.99
AUR 317 T-jet Tires-4 pcs. $3.99
AUR 318 T-jet Pinion Gear 9 tooth $3.00
AUR 319 T-jet Idler Gear 24 tooth large hole $2.50
AUR 320 T-jet armature gear 14 tooth $3.00
AUR 321 T-jet Driven Gear 24 tooth $3.00
AUR 322 T-jet Crown Gear spaced for 9 tooth pinion $2.50
AUR 323 T-jet Cluster Gear Shaft each $1.00
AUR 324 T-Jet Gear Plate & Arm, with headlight bracket SOLD OUT
AUR 325 T-Jet Gear Plate & Armature-standard SOLD OUT
AUR 326 T-jet Gear Plate Clamp $1.00
AUR 330 T-jet Front Guide Pin $1.00
AUR 331 T-jet long guide pin for rear use on any track or front use on Tomy track $1.00
AUR 339 T-Jet Motor Comm. Brushes, Silver Speed Parts


AUR 371 T-jet Hot Rod Slick Tires-4 pcs. $3.99
AUR 372 T-jet Racing & Truck Tires-4 pcs. These are for the wide single tire type hub $3.99
AUR 375 T-jet Racer Axle $2.00
AUR 377 T-jet Truck Axle $2.00
AUR 378 T-jet truck hubs set of 4 yellow 4 bolt only $3.99
AUR 379 T-jet Body Screws-1 pc. $0.20
AUR 3600 T-jet Standard Axle $2.00
AUR 14 Model Motoring/AFX Red Oil – In Bottle with Applicator CALL
  Still the best for T-Jets! EXTREMELY LIMITED!!  
AW 304 Tuff Ones Front Hubs-2 hubs with tires (free-wheeling) with axle  these are the Auto World version of the Aurora Tuff ones now offered with the AW rear wide wheels and tires as well.  Wheels are very close in appearance to the Aurora version $5.99
AUR 305 Tuff Ones Crown Gear each $2.00
AUR 306 MEV replacement tuff ones sized hubs, chromed, same size as Tuff Ones pair $2.00
AUR 307 Tuff Ones Motor Magnets-pair SOLD OUT
AUR 309 Tuff Ones 14 tooth pinion gear economy pack of 5 $8.00
AUR 310 Tuff Ones 14 tooth pinion gear each $2.00
AUR 312 Tuff ones gear plate with 6.5 ohm (approx) armature, armature, driven and 14 tooth pinion gear SOLD OUT
AUR 327 Tuff Ones Chassis Assembly SOLD OUT
AUR 345 Tuff Ones Tires (double width) pair – rubber $2.00
AUR 339 Silver Comm. Brushes SOLD OUT
AUR 334 Tuff Ones Silver Pick Up Shoes SOLD OUT
  Rolling Chassis – original NOS   
  All chassis are very limited and subject to prior sale 
AUR 98 T-Jets Rolling Chassis standard fronts & rears-lighted This is the same as a standard t-jet chassis only with a light.  If desired the light can easily be removed SOLD OUT
AUR 330 Black Guide Pin $1.00
AUR 331 Long Black Pin for use on Tomy track $1.00
AUR 331R Long Red pin for use on rear of t-jet chassis  Limited availability               $2.00
  TUFF ONES ROLLING CHASSIS Just a few available – each SOLD OUT