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C3543A lotus 49b w-wing

From Scalextric –  C3543 AT Legends Team Lotus Type 49 Limited Edition –

British Grand Prix 1968, Graham Hill

The 1968 British Grand Prix was held at the Brands Hatch Circuit on 20th July.  Both Hill’s and Oliver’s Lotus cars claimed the front row of the grid in qualifying along with Siffert, 4th on the grid, and much was expected.  Graham Hill, in his Team Lotus Type 49 retired with a broken half-shaft on lap 26.  Later, on lap 46, Jackie Oliver retired the other Team Lotus Type 49 with transmission problems.  The race was won by Jo Siffert in a Rob Walker-entered Team Lotus Type 49. $64.99

sica06g Sauber Mercedes #14

From Slot It –CA06g  Sauber Mercedes – another of the circuit board cars

The Sauber-Mercedes C9 was a Group C race car, built by Sauber in partnership with Mercedes-Benz. Chassis was mainly an aluminium monocoque, with magnesium elements and carbon-fibre skins. It had double wishbone suspensions, with direct-action at front and rocker-arm at rear, as well as Speedline magnesium rims, 17” front and 19” rear, and Brembo cast-iron 14” disc brakes.

In 1988, the car was powered the ‘M117’ engine, a twin turbo, 5 litres, V8, with semi-stressed function, which used the 500SL passenger car crankcase. The two valves per cylinder were controlled by a single over head camshaft, with chain drive. In qualifying specifications, the boost pressure was 1.2 bar, and power was 800 bhp at 7000 rpm. Torque had a very flat band from 3000 to 8000 rpm, which gave the Sauber C9 a great advantage in exiting corners. Overall weight was 865 kg.

In 1988 the Sauber C9 took part to the “ADAC Supercup”, winning three races out of five. Its driver, Frenchman Jean-Louis Schlesser, won the ADAC title. $69.99

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Hi Guys,  Just in from Scalextric:

C3532 scalextric camaro Al's garage

C3532 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 970s Trans-Am Championships

Driver – Originally driven by Duane Winkel

This car features the updated Chevrolet Camaro 1969 chassis which is Digital Plug Ready (DPR)


C3481A_with_box Maserati 250F

C3481A Legends Maserati 250F Limited Edition

Race and Driver – 1958 British Grand Prix, Carroll Shelby (9th place)

Carroll Hall Shelby was an American automotive designer, racing driver and entrepreneur.  He was best known for his involvement with the AC Cobra and later the Mustang-based performance cars for Ford Motor Company known as Shelby Mustangs.  Preceding the Cobra and Mustang era, Shelby entered a handful of F1 Grand Prix races using his, now, iconic blue body with twin white stripes livery.  In 1958, he drove a Maserati 250F to 9th place in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. In Sport box, $64.99

C3542A-lotus F1 limited ed

C3542a Legends Team Lotus Type 72C Limited Edition

Race and Driver – 1970 Dutch Grand Prix, Jochen Rindt (1st place)

The 1970 Dutch Grand Prix was a Formula One race held at Zandvoort on 21st June 1970.  The race was won by Lotus-Ford driver Jochen Rindt in his new monocoque-chassis Type 72. In Sport Box $64.99

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