Power Sources

updated 032516


The following are power sources specifically designed for use with home slot car sets.  All provide much cleaner power than the small wall plug in packs that come with home sets.  All have a much higher amperage rating than the wall plug type as well. (they are typically less that one amp total output)

NJN 7 amp.  This is a fuse protected super clean DC power source.  Most power packs that come with HO or 1/32 race sets leak small amounts of AC current, causing arcing and sparking at the rails a leaving carbon spots on the cars pick up shoes or braid.  These units have filtering devices which prevent this leakage.  Power out put is set at 18.8 volts for HO or 14 volts for 1/32.    Warranted for one year.  $139.99

NJN 10 amp.  This is the same as the NJN 7 amp but with a greater output.  $189.99