WHATS NEW IN HO 10-17-2020

Hi all,  I hope you are doing well in these difficult times.  Here are some new Bauers arriving the end of Oct/early Nov. Hopefully they will help you enjoy your time at home.

Ford Capri RS 2600 Grab “6h Nürburgring 1973” # 6 Limited to 150 world wide, $109.99 + shipping
BLUE ALFA 1750 GTV NEW 10-2020.jpg
Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce Bertone dark blue $99.99 + shipping
Pre-order yours now to insure delivery.  
Also coming in late October/early November, the first NJ Nostalgia Hobby/Bauer exclusive.  This will be a VW Beetle Export 1200 in red with white side deco, full highly decorated interior, overrider bumpers, white walls and chrome VW wheels.  All packaged in a full color exclusive box.  Price to be announced.  LIMITED TO 50 CARS!  Pre order yours now/pictures to follow as soon as available.  
I have just received a restock of several Bauers and will be listing them on Ebay and my website shortly.   Stay well and Regards,  Joe