What’s New in H.O.

Hi Guys,  A few more new items and some refills in from Bauer of Germany:

 bauer 4483 ambulance
A super high detailed Mercedes 200 ambulance (krankenwagen) with a full molded interior including the driver’s compartment with driver and the rear with attendant and patient!  The blue light flashes in the European style.  $91.99  Bauer 4483
Bauer 4304 red BMW 501
A BMW 501 in wine red and wide white walls, $78.99 Bauer 4304
 bauer ambulance rear detail

A view of the rear of the ambulance

Back in stock:
Bauer 4482 Mercedes 200 station wagon red/white German Auto Club, $ 88.99
Bauer 4367, Ford Transit Beer truck with load. $87.99
Bauer 0913, BMW 2800 CS Llimited Edition $97.99.
Call or stop by to get yours!  Joe