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 chassis under 092915riggen chassis 092915 Racing Riggen – Modern interpretation of the 1970’s Brass Wars car.  Features drop motor chassis, green wire armature, pin tube shaker plate, Riggen/Super tires, braided pick up guide, independent aluminum front end and double flanged aluminum rear hubs on threaded axle.  Assembled and tuned by Master brass chassis builder, Tony Kurdzuk SOLD OUT
 GAYLA STYLE DROP MOTOR CHASSIS Gayla style (drop motor) CNC cut Riggen chassis with tabbed shaker plate and rear axle bushings Very limited

without rear bushings




 ORIGINAL STYLE CHASSIS Original Riggen style CNC cut HO chassis with tabbed shaker plate


 MOTOR WIRE CONNECTOR Riggen motor wire connector, locks into HT50 brush tubes and holds wires in place each $1.99
 SHAKER PLATE W PIN TUBES Riggen pin tube shaker plate for more positive body mounting $12.99
 MUSHROOM WEIGHT Riggen mushroom weight, screws onto guide flag post.  Provides weight on the guide to keep it in the slot each TEMP OUT OF STOCK
 SCREW ON GUIDE RETAINER Riggen screw on guide flag retainer each temp out of stock
 RIGGEN POSTER Riggen poster published in 1998 by Brookedan Publishing and includes pictures of almost all the original Riggen Boss HO Series cars and Mr. Hot Rod Truck Series trucks. $7.99
 stock Riggen shaker plate, tab style  $7.99
 FRONT END This is a newly made independent front end with .063 axle is a NJ Hobby exclusive.  Wheels are milled from a solid aluminum or brass block and are fitted with O ring tires. Specify brass or aluminum. temp out of stock
Reproduction “classic” Riggen Complete Guide Flag Assembly: includes plastic guide flag assembly with replaceable copper braid  pick up wipers.   Limited availability.
temp out of stock
 HT 50 GREEN WIRE MOTOR Original Mabuchi HT50 motor for Riggen green wire version (faster than the old gold wire version) each $9.99
 CHASSIS WITH PIN TUBES AND BUSHINGS Riggen chassis with rear bushings and pin tube shaker plate each $34.99
 CLASSIC GUIDE FLAG  Original style guide with berrylium wipers – better for the restorer than the racer.  VERY limited  $12.99
Threaded axle with jam nuts for rear end SOLD OUT
 RIGGEN GUIDE FLAG ONLY Riggen guide flag only each

does not come with retainer.

 SUPER TIRES Riggen Super tires.  This size is made especially for the Riggen HO chassis with double flanged or original rims, pair black $2.00

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