Dash Motorsports

updated 080520

Dash Motorsports began making injection molded bodies for Thunderjet and Aurora AFX chassis several years ago and as one of the first stocking dealers of these excellent bodies I still have stock of many of the discontinued bodies.  All bodies listed were available at the time of this posting, however subsequent sales may deplete certain ones so please call to confirm availability. 908-322-2676


Item                               description                      price/body only

  Super Modified only blue and black available please call. A perfect copy of the scarce original and a good source of chrome. Fits all T-jet type chassis

white cars are kits only

 Avanti Studebaker Avanti – The Atlas car reworked to fit on a t-jet. Available colors – black, white, blue very limited

also unassembled/unpainted

 Hot Rod Ford Hot Rod available as coupe or roadster– fits vibe, t-jet, JL, AW chassis, ALL SOLD OUT
 Ford Falcon Ford Falcon Hardtop A FEW colors  STILL available, please call. Fit t-jet type chassis. ALL SOLD OUT
 Ford Falcon Convertible Ford Falcon Convertible A few  colors stil available, please call.  Fit t-jet type chassis. ALL SOLD OUT
 chevy 55 1955 Chevy BelAir hardtop two tone street cars, several colors available please call.  Bodies for t-jet type chassis or AFX type chassis available. Hardtops are sold out, see convertibles
 Chevey 55 mooneyes 1955 Chevy BelAir hardtop pro stock hood, several decos available please call Bodies for t-jet type chassis or AFX type chassis available. ALL SOLD OUT
 55 Chevey convertible 1955 Chevy Convertible two tone, several colors available, please callBodies for t-jet type chassis or AFX type chassis available.
 olds 442 Oldsmobile Cutlass just a few colors left, fit t-jet type chassis. ALL SOLD OUT
 Cobra AC Cobra – limited colors available please call.  for t-jet or AFX type chassis. ALL SOLD OUT
 Rodsater NOT Dash but Nurora 1937 Ford Roadster – body and trailer, top removes, includes boot, driver, chrome engine and wheels and tires ALL SOLD OUT
 Bug VW Beetle flower power – just a few colors left. T-jet type chassis only. ALL SOLD OUT
 Not really Herbie ‘Herbie’ VW. t-jet type chassis only ALL SOLD OUT
 dash chevelle 1967 Chevelle. A few colors still available, please call. ALL SOLD OUT
 dash lead sled 1950’s Lead Sled.  Just a couple of different colors with flames available, please call.