Aurora Parts


We currently  have hundreds of Aurora T-Jets and Vibrator cars available. Please call for availability. (908)-322-2676

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AURORA T-jet PARTS (1963 -1971)
Part # Description Price
AUR 302 T-jet Gear Plate with driven gear and lower pinion gear $2.49
AUR 303 T-jet Motor Magnets-pair $2.49
AUR 308 T-jet Armature See AUR 325 O/S
AUR 309 T-jet Motor Commutator Brushes-pair $1.50
AUR 313 T-jet Pick Up Shoes-pair $3.29
AUR 314 T-jet Pick Up Shoe Springs-pair $1.50
AUR 316 T-jet Wheels-4 pcs. $2.00
AUR 317 T-jet Tires-4 pcs. $2.00
AUR 318 T-jet Pinion Gear 9 tooth $2.00
AUR 319 T-jet Idler Gear 24 tooth large hole $2.00
AUR 320 T-jet armature gear 14 tooth $2.00
AUR 321 T-jet Driven Gear 24 tooth $2.00
AUR 322 T-jet Crown Gear spaced for 9 tooth pinion $2.00
AUR 323 T-jet Cluster Gear Shaft each $1.00
AUR 324 T-Jet Gear Plate & Arm, with headlight bracket O/S
AUR 325 T-Jet Gear Plate & Armature-standard O/S
AUR 326 T-jet Gear Plate Clamp $1.00
AUR 329L T-jet Chassis Assembly with light $7.50
AUR 330 T-jet Front Guide Pin $1.00
AUR 331 T-jet long guide pin for rear use on any track or front use on Tomy track $1.00
AUR 339 T-Jet Motor Comm. Brushes, Silver Speed Parts $2.25
AUR 371 T-jet Slick Tires-4 pcs. $2.00
AUR 372 T-jet Racing & Truck Tires-4 pcs. These are for the wide single tire type hub $2.50
AUR 375 T-jet Racer Axle $2.00
AUR 377 T-jet Truck Axle $2.00
AUR 378 T-jet truck hubs set of 4 yellow 4 bolt only $3.00
AUR 379 T-jet Body Screws-1 pc. $0.20
AUR 3600 T-jet Standard Axle $1.50
AUR 14 Model Motoring/AFX Red Oil – In Bottle with Applicator CALL
Still the best for T-Jets! EXTREMELY LIMITED!!
AUR 304 T-Jets & Tuff Ones Front Hubs-2 hubs (free-wheeling) with axle very limited -also see JW independent fronts VERY LIMITED CALL
AUR 305 Tuff Ones Crown Gear $2.00
AUR 306 MEV replacement tuff ones sized hubs, chromed, same size as Tuff Ones pair $2.00
AUR 307 Tuff Ones Motor Magnets-pair SOLD OUT
AUR 309 Tuff Ones 14 tooth pinion gear economy pack of 4 $5.00
AUR 310 Tuff Ones 14 tooth pinion gear each $2.00
AUR 312 Tuff ones gear plate with 6.5 ohm (approx) armature, armature, driven and 14 tooth pinion gear SOLD OUT
AUR 327 Tuff Ones Chassis Assembly $6.00
AUR 345 Tuff Ones Tires (double width) pair – rubber $1.50
AUR 339 Silver Comm. Brushes SOLD OUT
AUR 334 Tuff Ones Silver Pick Up Shoes SOLD OUT
Rolling Chassis – original NOS 
All chassis are very limited and subject to prior sale 
AUR 98 T-Jets Rolling Chassis standard fronts & rears-lighted This is the same as a standard t-jet chassis only with a light.  If desired the light can easily be removed $22.00 EACH
AUR 330 Black Guide Pin $1.00
AUR 331 Long Black Pin for use on Tomy track $1.00
AUR 331R Long Red pin for use on rear of t-jet chassis  Limited availability               $1.50
TUFF ONES ROLLING CHASSIS Just a few available – each $25.00