AFX cars

UPDATED 020718

This page is a small sample of the vintage cars we have for sale. We usually have some 50 to 100 Aurora AFX cars in stock.  Time does not permit listing them here, please call.  More/ higher resolution pictures are available upon request (E-mail or call 1-(908)-322-2676). Due to the extremely limited availability of these cars we cannot guarantee availability. All pictured cars grade near mint to mint in box and are on an original NOS chassis.

Shadow 1768 Shadow Can-Am 2972-79 (Black)  $38.00
Red Ferrari 1751 Ferrari Can Am 612 1971-74 (Red)  SOLD OUT
Stocker 1975 Chevelle Stocker 1974-79 (White)  $55.00
White and Pink Javelin 1765 Javelin Pro Stocker 1972-74 (white)  SOLD OUT