Aurora Hop Up Parts

updated 043022

Aurora Hop-Up Parts

Due to the constant influx of ‘new’ racing products for t-jets it is recommended you call for updated information.


NJN 001 narrow soft low profile silicone slicks best on double flanged hubs pair


JST 001 harder ribbed (to look like original t-jet) silicone tires pr (black only)best for stock Aurora chrome rims pair


NJN 005 soft silicone slicks made to fit tuff ones hubs or MM series wheels in pairs ( black only)


NJN 100 Tuff ones sized rear wheels cast in solid colors resin pair ASK FOR COLORS PAIR


NJN 101 t-jet sized wheel cast in solid color resin – match NJN100 pair ASK FOR COLORS PAIR


NJN102 Tuff ones sized rear wheels cast in resin and chromed pair


AUR 8613F AFX 5 spoke front wheel (can be reamed out to fit t-jet axle pair


AUR 8613R Magnatraction 5 spoke rear wheel (pair) can be used with a t-jet rear truck axle pair


AUR 377 Thunderjet truck axle (longer axle for larger wheels) one


FR 54 Brass independent front end set to maximum legal width great handling and appearance. Comes with slip on brass sleeves to give three different weights.


FR 56 Larger weights )sleeves) than above that fit on FR54 to make the front end heavier


 NJN 006NT No tear silicone Tuff Ones tires – Rear (Black only) pair


NJN 005 NT No tear t-jet silicones blackpair for narrow hubs $2.00
FLR.188 .188 BLACK DELRIN plastic Double Flanged Wheels- (Tuff ones size) Wheels are designed to keep your silicone tires firmly attached to the rear end, not allowing for power robbing slippage. Work with pro series tires or NJN Tuff ones silicones, pair $2.99
RT 230 Composite front end.  This revolutionary front end is designed for the professional racer and utilizes a dual material weight system.  The main weight is a hanging/non rotating brass weight set inside a white delrin wheel which keeps the center of gravity low and the rotating weight small.  1 5/16” wide for the Super Stock racer $19.00
RT 330 Same as above but 1 1/8” wide for the classic/Nostalgia racer $19.00


Since we are unable to control the circumstances under which these armatures are used nor are we able to guarantee their proper installation by the end user, original stock, custom wound, balanced or balanced and trued armatures may not be returned for any reason.

AUR 8701-GP Mean Green armature. Green tips with green or gold wire ohm out at 5.4-6.5 OHMS (work great with original super 2 magnets or Poly Jets) mounted on an Aurora AFX gear plate with driven, drive pinion and armature pinion gears 9.99
 AUR 8701  Mean Green armature. Green tips with green or gold wire ohm out at 5.4-6.5 OHMS (work great with original super 2 magnets or Poly Jets) $7.99
AUR 8701 BT Mean Green Armature dynamically balanced and trued for maximum performance $25.00
Thunderbolt This is a rewound armature.  Single wire wind approximately 4.4 ohms , epoxy balanced, neutral timing.  This motor is an easy to drive motor for those tracks that have lots of turns, but also has plenty of speed for long straights. This motor will run using wall warts to regulated power supplies.  The better the power source, the better the performance. Tuff Ones (Red/White, Red/Black), Super II (Blue/Yellow), Johnny Lightning (Blue/White), or any Poly Magnets will do.  Experiment with different magnets to achieve the performance you want.


Ghost This is a custom double wind (2 wires) in parallel and runs very cool motor with approximately 3.3 ohms of resistance.  Epoxy balanced,15 degree advanced. It is an easy to drive motor for those tracks that have lots of turns, but also has plenty of speed for long straights.



AUR TJS001 Wild Ones armature magnets – pair somewhat stronger than stock WHITE/GREEN PAIR


AUR 531 Super 2 fully oriented magnets – Originally made for the famous Aurora Super 2 car these are a perfect fit in a t-jet and are the strongest ceramic magnets available. Pair



POLY JETS Polymer cobalt magnets made in the present for cars from the past fit t-jets, Auto World Thunderjet 500s  and non Magnatraction chassis


 NEO JETS Neodymium magnets require a custom wound low ohm armature (2 ohms or less) and a 5+ amp power supply (per car).  Recommended for drag racing only.  Drag racing armatures are available, please call. SOLD  OUT


NJN 201 Handling pan – Stainless steel pan fits under the t-jet chassis lowering the center of gravity and improving performance. Recommended for cars with hop ups to keep them in the slot. Comes with two flush fitting screws. T-jet rim with hole opened up included to be used as rear spacer.


NJN 202 Long black guide pin. Works with Tomy track. $1.00


American Line Close in design to the original Aurora pick up shoe but with a better bend for better electrical contact and a deeper bend in the hinge area pair


Slot Tech Yet another t-jet clone, again with a different bend for better electrical contact than stock pair


E81-10 High copper content commutator brushes made new today. 10 Pair of  brushes.


E81 Same as above but single pair


AUR 339 Silver commutator brushes from the original Aurora pair

sold out


AUR 180 Tuff ones crown gear re-spaces crown gear on axle to use pinions below


AUR 180P-14 14 tooth pinion gear EACH


AUR 180P-14-4 Same as above but economical 4 pack, hole is chamfered on one side for ease of attachment.


AUR 180P-12 12 tooth pinion gear (hop up gear)


AUR 180P-12-5 Same as above but economical 5 pack


CNC 150 This is a CNC cut gear set of all three top gears (14 tooth armature gear, 24 tooth idler gear and 24 tooth driven gear) Unequaled for smoothness no sanding, deburring, or lapping required holes are chamfered on both sides.


CNC 159 CNC cut from solid stock 9 tooth pinion each


CNC 162 CNC cut from solid stock 12 tooth hop up pinion each


CNC 164 CNC cut from solid stock 14 tooth pinion gear each


CNC 170 CNC cut from solid delrin stock crown gear for 9 tooth pinion each


CNC 172 CNC cut from solid delrin stock crown gear for 12 tooth pinon each



T-JET GEAR REMOVAL PRESS This tool has been especially designed to hold the t-jet gear plate firmly in position and the swing arm has detents to align it perfectly over either the armature gear or driven gear and easily push the shaft through the gear removing it


T-JET GEAR INSTALLATION TOOL This tool has been especially designed to easily press on the armature, driven or pinion gears by holding both the shaft and the gear in perfect alignment, three anvils are included for each size gear (9,12 and 14 tooth)


LIGHT WEIGHT GEAR AND WHEEL REMOVAL TOOL This lightweight tool is made for the budget racer to remove armature pinion gears and wheels.  You must carefully align the tool and shaft or axle you are removing to avoid bending the tool


IDLER POST EXPANDING TOOL This specially designed tool is made to spread the plastic post that the idler gear spins on.  Expanding the post removes slop in the gears rotation and improves performance

no longer available

Racing oil

Free Jet Developed by t-jet racing champions for use on ECHORR Super Stocks, works well on all t-jets


Parma 740 Needlpoint oiler developed specifically for slot car bushings


Parma 700 White lithium grease for use on gears


TNT Not a lubricant but a cleaner for track and tires (TNT)


Empty bottle with needlepoint applicator Good for your favorite lubricant or cleaner.  I use one for isopropyl alcohol to clean the commutator right on the car