34 ford hotrod 20246 ’34 Ford Hot Rod Supercharged roadster metallic redANALOG SOLD OUT
 porsche Carrera 20431 Porsche Carrera 6 blueANALOG SOLD OUT
 Corvette black 20487 LIMITED EDITION Chevrolet Corvette 1962 B Production racerANALOG sold out
 Ferrari p4 23731 Ferrari 330P3/4 Le Mans 1967DIGITAL 124 SOLD OUT
 Blue Hot rod 20220 ’34 Hot Rod High Performance CoupeANALOG sold out
 Yellow Hotrod 23717 ’34 Hot Rod High Performance RoadsterDIGITAL 124 SOLD OUT
 Ford GT40 23736 Ford GT40 Mk.II Le SOLD OUT
 Whilly Hot Rod 20223 41 HotRod, High Performance with lightsANALOG sold out
 Audi 20242 Audi R10 LeMans 2006 w/lightsANALOG sold out
 Spider 20241 Porsche RS Spyder ALMS 2006ANALAOG SOLD OUT
 Purple whilly 20224 ’41 Hot Rod SuperchargedANALOG SOLD OUT
 Tan Whilly 20247 ’41 Hot RodANALOG SOLD OUT
 Corvette flag 20430 Chevrolet Corvette 1962 ‘Stars ‘n Stripes’ANALOG SOLD OUT
 Copper Whilly 23718 ’41 Hot Rod High PerformanceDIGITAL124 SOLD OUT
 Silver cheetea 23745 BillTomas Cheetah “No. 33”,1964 SliverDIGITAL124 sold out
 Red Cheeta 23744 Bill Tomas Cheetah Red sold outDIGITAL
 Silver mercidies 20469  Mercedes W125 Stromlinie SliverAnalog sold out
Burgandi marsidi 23749 Maserati 4CL 1500 Stromlinie Tripoli GP 1939, “No. 38” $74.99DIGITAL
White Ferrari
23772 Ferrari 599XX, Ferrari Racing Days “No.88”  SOLD OUT
Bilstine Audi
23774 Audi R8 LMS, Team Phoenix, 24 h Nürburgring 2009, “No. 98”  SOLD OUT
Blue Cheta
23760 Bill Thomas Cheetah “No 46”, Augusta 1964DIGITAL  sold out
Blue Ferrari
23764 Ferrari 250 GTO Second of the GTOsDIGITAL sold out
 Porshe 917 23780 Digital Porsche 917K “Gesipa Racing Team No.54” sold out