FRIDAY MAY 25, 2018


Hi All,  Just in from Slot It:

slot it MCLAREN SICA10L.jpeg
SICA10L McLaren F1 GTR Parabolica #27, FIA GT Donnington 1997 $64.99
Also in (no Pic) SICA05F Nissan R390 GT #21  $64.99
From Scalextric:

C3921 This is the fourth Javelin TransAm from Scalextric so if you are planning an IROC class you might be good to go.  This is the AMC Javeling TransAm driven by Roy Woods in 1971.  $39.99

C3898A a two car set, Goodwood Legends with two E type Jaguars, $109.99
I am open this Memorial day weekend Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM, closed Sunday Monday.  Hope to see you soon.  All of the above are in stock.  Joe