Friday Night Racing

 We have two different tracks.  The HO scale 6 lane track is in place March through August.  The 1/32 scale 4 lane track is in place from just after Labor day until the end of February.  Exact dates may vary slightly. night-racing-at-njh-2016




401 PARK AVENUE SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ 07076 908-322-2676



IT ALL STARTS HERE!  Definition of a stock t-jet chassis: All electricals are copper, rivets are hollow or solid, commutator brushes are graphite. Pick up shoes are factory issued original stepped or American Line ONLY, original Aurora shoe springs only. The original Aurora armature may have only 2 laminations w/painted grey tips, any color wire and must ohm to 16 ohms or greater. The drive pinion must use a 9 tooth gear. Magnets must be unpainted, unpainted with a white stripe, or white and green, or orange and green.  Green AFX non M/T magnets with saw marks are NG. The tires must be ribbed rubber Aurora issue, minimum diameter .370” before the race. Original Aurora single flanged small plastic rims only, short axle only. Stock black guide pin in ¼” long max, including base. In other words if Aurora didn’t make it, it doesn’t belong on your STOCK chassis.* Stock maximum width including tires is 1 1/16”

July 05– IROC Mako Sharks – The Doctor of Speed (EVIL) is supplying 6 hopped up t-jet Mako sharks for IROC Sharknado event.


July 19– IROC –Tuff T-jets- we will have 6 specially prepared (Thank you again Dr. Evil) t-jets.   Just bring your entry and controller 

July 26 – T-jet trucks Tow Trucks/dump trucks/stake back trucks.  To encourage use of Aurora dump and stake back trucks they will receive a handicap of 6 for the dump and 8 laps for the stake truck.


August 2 IROC – T-jet Mustangs – 6 stock t-jet powered Mustang Fastbacks in lane colors (yellow, blue, orange, green, white and red) Again, just your entry, controller and a dream (of winning) required.

August 9 -– Dash Motor Sports Super Modified hot rods –Allowed only are Dash Motor Sports or original Aurora Super Modified hot rod body COMPLETE (all 8 parts must be used) and a copper chassied original Aurora Thunderjet with Aurora Tuff Ones, JL or MEV rears in the front and 5 spoke AFX rear rims in the rear. Push on axles only. You are allowed long guide pin, glued if you like, slip on silicones, after market commutator brushes/scored okay, axle spacers and after market pick up shoes.  maximum width 1 5/16”

August 16 IROC Ford J cars – This time its six rare black Ford J cars tuned and supplied by Mario ‘the Chief’ Pisano.  As usual just bring your entry fee and your controller for this sure to be fun IROC.

August 23 – Jersey Rumble/ECHORR Super Stock  Must run complete vintage American Muscle car body.  Allowed are slip on silicones on any single or double flanged hub.  Maximum width 1 5/16”.

August 30 – The Mike Pisano Classic This years Mike Classic IROC is a NEW Dash chassis slip on silicone Super Stock race with cars supplied by Paul Kniffin and Derek Wright and controllers supplied by The Chief.

This is the 7th year for this race to honor my friend

and a great HO racer Mike Pisano and as is our tradition any and all contributions are donated to the Leukemia Foundation.