Friday Night Racing





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MAY- JUNE  2019

IT ALL STARTS HERE!  Definition of a stock t-jet chassis: All electricals are copper, rivets are hollow or solid, commutator brushes are graphite. Pick up shoes are factory issued original stepped or American Line ONLY, original Aurora shoe springs only. The original Aurora armature may have only 2 laminations w/painted grey tips, any color wire and must ohm to 16 ohms or greater. The drive pinion must use a 9 tooth gear. Magnets must be unpainted, unpainted with a white stripe, or white and green, or orange and green.  Green AFX non M/T magnets with saw marks are NG. The tires must be ribbed rubber Aurora issue, minimum diameter .370” before the race. Original Aurora single flanged small plastic rims only, short axle only. Stock black guide pin in ¼” long max, including base. In other words if Aurora didn’t make it, it doesn’t belong on your STOCK chassis.* Stock maximum width including tires is 1 1/16”

All chassis width is measured with tires on rims, body must also fit through designated width.

May 3 – IROC T-Jet DINO FERRARI SUPER STOCK – Six cars built by master builder Kevin Dr Evil Price will be provided.  Each car will have an original Aurora Dino Ferrari body and will be prepared like an ECHORR Super Stock with slip on silicones.

May 10 – T-JET HOT RODS AND DUNE BUGGIES with jumps – This race allows only Dash or original Aurora Hot Rods and Aurora dune buggy roadsters and coupes on stock big chrome wheel stock chassis.  Vibrator truck tires (original or the new silicone replacement) are the only allowed front rubber and the large (not sanded or cut) NJN hot rod silicones on the rear (1/2” OD, 5/32 WIDE).  Chassis may have aftermarket scored commutator brushes, aftermarket pick up shoes and a glued guide pin.  Body may be coupe or roadster. Roadsters must have window frame and roll bar, aftermarket or paper clip replacements allowed.  1 3/16” width. Back of chrome rims may be sanded or cut to fit in tech.

May 17 – O GOES HO This class uses HO version bodies (available here if you don’t already have one) of Aurora’s O gauge cars.  The chassis must be an original Aurora Magnatraction chassis.  Allowed are ½” O goes HO slip on silicones only, Maximum width 1 5/16”

MAY 24 – Our Memorial Day Event – Coca-Cola 600 -This is a 400 lap team race using ECHORR Nostalgia class chassis with full decorated stock car/NASCAR t-jet style bodies from MEV, Johnny Lightning, Auto World, Dash, Aurora or Model Motoring Inc.  These can be from any decade and bodies may NOT be cut (for example, wheel wells or screw posts) or lightened.  The rules are available at : 1 1/8” width

May 31 –CRAP-Jets. Remember those great Aurora Hop Up Kits that told you to cut the rear wheel wells and slap on huge hot rod rims and tires.  This race brings back the intention of those kits.  Chassis must be stock t-jet with stock front end (1 1/16”), chrome 4 dimple hot rod rims and hot rod silicone tires on the back (1 5/16”),  12 tooth pinon and matching crown gear (can be Aurora OR aftermarket), any aftermarket t-jet pick up shoes or brushes, Rear wheel wells, of course, can be cut to fit the hot rod rims and tires, body can be lowered to gear plate rail which cannot be cut. Windows, chrome etc must be present and in factory locations. Bodies must be original Aurora. Drilling the chassis for cooling and shunt wires are allowed per the hop up kit. 

June 7 – IROC Ford J cars – This time its six rare black Ford J cars tuned and supplied by Mario ‘the Chief’ Pisano.  As usual just bring your entry fee and your controller for this sure to be fun IROC. 

June 14 Dash Motor Sports Super Modified hot rods –Allowed only are Dash Motor Sports or original Aurora Super Modified hot rod body COMPLETE (all 8 parts must be used) and a copper chassied original Aurora Thunderjet with Aurora Tuff Ones, JL or MEV rears in the front and 5 spoke AFX rear rims in the rear. Push on axles only. You are allowed long guide pin, glued if you like, slip on silicones, after market commutator brushes/scored okay, axle spacers and after market pick up shoes.  maximum width 1 5/16”

JUNE 21 – T-JET DIRT TRACK NIGHT – , This race is for Willys Gassers or Atas 36 Fords with cut fenders, screen winscreens, hood scoops and what have you Stock Aurora t-jet chassis with Aurora or Auto World Tuff Ones or AFX  rims (only) in proper locations, and silicones. 1 3/16” max width with tires. Body may be lowered but gear plate rail may not be cut to further lower.  NEW!- To give these cars real hot rod performance Mean green armatures and any Aurora stock magnets  are now allowed as well as any pick up shoe and scored commutator brush.

Willys special drag event – I will have an Auto World 13 ½ foot long drag strip set up this night and we will have a single elimination head to head Willys drag event before the road race.  Only the cars teched in for the road race will be in the drag event.

JUNE 28   Jersey Rumble/ECHORR Super Stock  Must run complete vintage American Muscle car body.  Allowed are slip on silicones on any single or double flanged hub.  Maximum width 1 5/16”.