Good afternoon all. 10 racers turned out for the third run of our Auto World Thunderjet 500 series on June 15th. Rules were any old Johny Lightning or new AW bodies, Super Tires only and that’s it, pretty much out of the box. The body of choice seemed to be the second gen Camaro, but all cars were very competitive. With the traction magnets these cars were absolute rockets, yet not the easiest to hang on to. Senior was the only one to come close to winning the free beer challenge, going almost 3/4 of the way without falling off. We also saw the return of Bill but we were minus one Chief. The race was run straight through with three heats per lane so everyone got bonus races. Enough beating around the bush, here is how they ran.

1. Evil- Black Camaro 96
2. John “on the wood” Gero- White/Orange Corvette Grand Sport 82
3. Fred- Black Riviera 73
4. Senior- Red/Blue El Camino 70
5. Sean- Green Challenger 61
6. Bill- Red Camaro 60
7. Don- Blue Corvette Grand Sport 52
8. Brian- Blue Cobra Daytona 48
9. Vic- Red Camaro 47
10. Pitstop- White Cobra Daytona 39

Join us for the next race for everyone’s favorite, T Jet Terrors where anything goes. Get to run cut up bodies made to look like late dirt mods.Allowed were weight pans, cobalt magnets, weighted fronts, any rear tires that can fit in 1-5/16 width, lightened gears, silver shoes and brushes, any armature down to 3.1 ohms. These cars are the fastest T Jets we run, so you can break out those low ohm controllers you never use anymore.