Friday Night Racing









1/32 SCALE


The routed 1/32 track returns for its fourth season, This 60 foot lane length four lane layout returns as modified last year.  Straightening out some of the lanes in the esses really worked out well making lap times more competitive.


We are starting the race season with the High Impact/Low feature Scalextric cars for the last time.  By popular request this monthly feature race will be replaced with a recurring series race in which you will try to accrue points towards a seasons trophy rather than weekly ribbons.

Also new this year, since braid is a consumable item, you can replace the braid on ANY 1/32 slot car with ANY brand of braid.  This does not include replacing the guide flag.


I am also considering reinstituting a handicap system to level the playing field as we did many years ago.  I will try to have discussion of this before it becomes policy.  The approximate way this will work is if you win on any week you will acquire a handicap of -3, second place gets a -2 and third place a -1.  Any week you run but do not place in the top three one point will be subtracted from your handicap.


September 15- Scalextric High Impact/Low feature cars Box stock – see above and/or IROC ??

September 22 – Stock Riggen / DTM Doubleheader! This will be our recurring series this year

  • Race 1: Riggen 1/32 – Any Riggen brass chassis car, with silicone rear tires. No other mods allowed. No additional weights may be added. POINTS RACE
  • Race 2: Super Stock DTM NO MAGNET Allowed are DTM cars (Alfa 156 or Opel Calibra) with traction magnet removed (weight may be added), and silicone rear tires. No other mods allowed. POINTS RACE

September 29 – Sideways Group 5 NO MAGNETThis class was new for last year and proved to be tons of fun! Allowed is any Group 5 car from Sideways (Porsche 935, Lancia Beta, Ford Capri or Mustang, BMW 320CSi, etc.).


October 6 Scalextric and Pioneer Trans Am.  1960’s/70’s Mustangs and Camaros Super Stock rules which allow any brand slip on rear silicones on super tire hubs only

October 13 – Group C/GTP Doubleheader

  • Race 1: NO MAGNET Allowed are 1980s-1992 Group C or GTP (like Le Mans) cars from (Porsche 956/962, Lancia LC2, Jaguar XJR9, etc), with any motor up to 22k RPM, and any other parts (wheels, tires, gearing, motor pod, axles, etc).
  • Race 2: MAGNET Same as Race 1, but with one stock traction magnet in any stock position on the chassis


October 20- Ninco Vintage Night – This will be Ninco Classic cars (Jaguar 120’s, Porsche 356’s, Ferrari 133’s, Corvette C1, Austin  Healy,  etc) with NC1 motors or H&R Racing Products Jack Rabbit motor  ONLY and Box stock with slip on silicones on stock rims. NO MAGNET.  NOTE:  Super Tires has a rounded edge tire for this class #2000R, $7.00 pair

October 27’60s GT An open class for closed-cockpit Le Mans-type sports cars that raced in 1971 or earlier (Ford GT/GT mkIV, Porsche 906 or 917, Lola T70, Ferrari P4, etc.) Cars may be any brand, and you may run any motor up to 20k RPM, any motor pod, and any wheels, tires, gearing, and axles.


November 3 – Stock Riggen/ DTM Doubleheader! – Our recurring beginner-friendly races continue, same rules and format as September 22. POINTS RACE

November 10 – Scalextric/Cartrix/Slot Indy vintage (1950s and earlier) F1  NO MAGNET this race allows Maserati, Ferrari, Mercedes and Cooper, etc  vintage F1 cars. Silicones on rear stock rims only.

November 17-Vintage NASCAR/Stockers – This race is limited to 1960’s and 70’s NASCAR/Stock Cars from Carrera, Scalextric or Monogram.  Cars must have all traction magnets removed NO MAGNET weight may be added, silicone tires are allowed on stock rims only and motor must match the brand of the car max 18,000 rpm. AND IROC modern Scalextric F1 no magnet

November 24 – IROC GO KARTS – A perennial favorite.  There will be 4 stock tired Ninco go carts available and you just bring your controller  (or use one of ours) and entry fee. To kick off the holidays ANY in stock 1/32 car or set purchased today will receive 10% off, sorry no lay-aways. 



For the second half of the race season we will be adding Scalextric BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) cars as the recurring class replacing the DTMs  This will be a stock/magnet class and at the present includes the Scalextric Honda Civics and Type R, BMW 125s, MG 6s, VW Passat and the Ford Sierra 500 so far!  There will be 10 Points Races during the season, scores from 8 will count towards points, so if you miss two races you will not be penalized and if you race all 10 only your top 8 will count.



NOTE: With less magnetic down force than steel rail track all races will be run at a lower voltage than before.  No magnet races are run at 10- 12 volts, magnet races are run at 12-15 volts.

No liquids allowed at the track at any time!  Weight may be added to no magnet cars.

Stock unmodified Parma single or multiple range Economy or Turbo controllers, Analog DS controllers,   Professor Motor 2111 transistor controllers, and Slot S1 electronic controllers only are permitted.  All other controllers must be inspected before they are connected to the track.