What’s New in One Thirty Two 110713

Hi Guys,  Its that slot car time of year and all of the manufacturers are trying to get all of their new items in the stores before the holidays.

From Scalextric:

c3400.mini scalex livery

C3400 BMW Mini Cooper, Scalextric Livery, full detail lights, DPR $54.99

c3378_audi r8 spider

C 3378 Audi R8 LMS Redback spider, Phoenix racing, High Impact, DPR $44.99

C3402 blue falcon

C 3402 Ford XB Falcon GT, Brut livery, DPR Lights $54.99

All are in stock.  See you soon.  Joe

What’s New in One Thirty Two 110613

Hi Guys,  Just in from Slot It:

sica21c lancia BERI

Lancia LC2 “BE.RI. CO” #29 WSC Nuerburgring 1989 SICA21C $69.99


Restock on Professional extractor/Presss  SiSP21 $59.99

Restock on Flat 6-R 22000 RPM motor SIMN11h-2 $21.99

From  Carrera:

23788_ Ferrari 512 red

23788 Ferrari 512S Berlinetta Daytona 24h “No.28”, 1970, Digital 1/24 w/lights$77.99

23789_ferrari 512 s yellow


30441.Dodge charger police

And FINALLY, Carrera has re released the 2006 Dodge Charger Police car in Digital 30441 with lights, $54.99 #30441


See you soon.  Joe

Whats New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  Just in from the ‘new kid on the block’ SRC which stands for Slot Racing Company and is manned by the father of the owner of Fly (now Flyslot, Madness and Alpha slot).   Got that so far? Are two Porssche 907’s.  The first is the Porsche 907 L as driven the 1968 24 hours of Le Mans by Alex Solder-Roig and Rudy Lins.  $79.99


Also from SRC is the Porsche 907 K as driven the Targa Florio race in 1969 by Hans Dieter Dechent and Gerhard Koch, also $79.99.


Both are in stock.  See you soon.  Joe

Whats New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  A bunch of new stuff from Ninco, all in stock!
Ninco 50607 Audi R18 2012 Sebring winner. Preorder now!

Ninco 50607 Audi R18 2012 Sebring winner $79.99 (I guess since EVERYBODY else is doing one…..)
This Audi R18 breaks new ground for NINCO with high-power, high torque “Boxer-style” NC-12 “Crusher” motors coupled with a 9:24 gear ratio. The result is quick, crisp acceleration and high top speed. Slot enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that NINCO is including the industry standard 3/32 size axles, gears and bearings, allowing for trouble-free customization. The new Audi R18s boast a newly designed motor pod with fully adjustable spring suspension as standard equipment. They also feature metal wheels and fully adjustable front axle ride height.

The perfect car to run on the club. 3/32″. Ready for competition right out of the box. NC-14 engine, chassis with motor pod with adjustable suspension, light cockpit, 4WD, front ProShock suspension, double bearings, ProRace V.03 tires, new crown 29z and rear tires with new design and soft LP compound.
The ideal car for pilots, 3/32” fully equipped to the competition right out of the box. ProRace long guide, NC-12 motor, chassis with motor pod, light cockpit, angle winder 31z/13z transmission, ultra low front tire on 15“ rim and 19×10 tire on rear 17“ hub
LANCIA 037 “MARTINI” 50582 $69.99
A legendary car and famous Martini livery for enthusiasts of the history of motor sport. Enjoy this beautifully detailed car on the track or on your collector shelf! Equipped with medium (blue) shocks, 20,000 rpm NC-9 motor, in-line 9z/27z gearing.
See you soon.  Remember I am open every day till Christmas.  Joe