What’s New in One Thirty Two May 11, 2017

From Thunder Slot:


Thunder Slot THC00103 LolaT70 MKIII as it ran at Daytona in 1969 $88.99 and in stock.  Features: 21,500 rpm sidewinder motor, interchangeable motor mount and adjustable body mounts and front axle.  This is the third Lola T70 from. Owner Giovanni Montiglio worked with the late Salvatore Noviello at NSR.  Giovanni was directly involved with the design of all NSR cars.  All cars feature high quality components and are race-ready out-of-the-box.
From NSR: 
nsr ford p68
NSR 0034SW Ford P68 as it ran at Brands Hatch in 1968.  Comes in Sidewinder form with NSR1351 Medium Chassis, NSR1224 narrowed mount, NSR3004 Shark motor rated at 20k rpm @12 volts with 164gr-cm of torque, NSR4801 precision axles, NSR5001 16mm front hubs No air system, NSR5002 16 mm Air System rear hubs, NSR5250 ‘No-friction’ hard front rubbers 19.5 x 8.5mm, NSR5253 Super grip rear tyres 21 x 11mm, NSR4803 Auto lubricant & no-friction oilites, NSR6911 Extra light & no-friction 11t pinion, NSR6032 Extra light & no-friction 32t gear 17.5mm, 5 position strong magnet. Very low body weight, very low height. $86.99
Both are in stock.  Reserve yours soon!  


A couple of really cool cars in from Slot It:

SICA22E lola b12

Lola B12/69 Drayson Racing SICA22e  $69.99

slot it sica 33a

Audi R8 LMP, #77, 1st Race of a Thousand Years $69.99

And from Scalextric:

scalextric C3716

McLaren 12C GT, #25, “Gulf” Macau GT Cup $54.99   C3716

The awe-inspiring new MP4-12C is 100% pure McLaren. Lightweight and strong, fast and efficient, comfortable and exhilarating.

Launched in 2011, the supercar was not only ground breaking, it also marked a new era in British automotive manufacturing. The famous Macau GT Cup takes place every November and brings together top teams, cars and drivers from around the world. One of those teams was United Autosport who campaigned two McLaren 12C GT3 cars in the distinctive and iconic GULF livery, car No.23 driven Danny Watts and sister car No.25 driven by Richard Meins. DPR, working headlights and tail lights full feature.

What’s New in One Thirty Two 010417

NSR NSR0023AW Chevrolet Corvette C7R LMS $79.99


Adjustable front axle ride height – Drop Arm type Guide Flag with Screw to Allow Fixed Position – Setscrew Aluminum wheels all around – Anglewinder Balanced King Motor 21,400 RPM & 350 g-cm Torque – Adjustable suspension motor pod – Heat treated axles – Machined bronze self lubricating bushings – Ultra smooth and quiet all metal gearing – Adjustable suspension motor pod – Car is a knockout in person.


NSR NSR0028AW Audi R8 AUDI R8 Blancpain Sprint Series ’15 ISR Racing #74 $83.99

Includes : Adjustable front axle ride height – Drop Arm type Guide Flag with Screw to Allow Fixed Position – Lightweight drilled aluminum setscrew wheels all around – All metal setscrew mount super smooth gearing – Heat treated axles – Machined bronze self lubricating bushings – Adjustable suspension motor pod – Anglewinder balanced King Motor with 21,400 RPM & 350 g-cm Torque “Magnetic Effect” –

What’s New in One Thirty Two 090716

HI All,  There is a new brand in the 1/32 slot car arena but from a trusted source that has given us great cars for years.  Thunder Slot Lola T70 MKIII Cars from Italy have been developed by Giovanni Montiglio, originally NSR’s Salvatore Noviello’s right hand man involved in the creation of NSR cars technical development and applications (read as head engineer) , now applying his knowledge to his own slot car brand so quality and performance are a certainty. I just got his first two cars in the store and they look great! They are the

Thunder Slot CA00102 Lola T70 MKIII BOAC 1968 driven by Bonnier and Axelson (YELLOW) and Thunder Slot CA00101 Lola T70 MKIII BOAC Brands Hatch 1967 driven by Surtees and Hobbs (RED). The red car is pictured.

These cars come with a  sidewinder motor with 21.5K RPM and a 2.5mm angle (slightly anglewinder) , interchangeable motor mount, adjustable body mounts and front axle.

Priced at $86.99 they should be some of the best 1/32 slot cars available.  A complete line of racing parts are scheduled to follow.

thunderslot lola right


What’s New in One Thirty Two 050316

Just in from Sideways:

Racer Sideways Porsche 935/77.  A historical cars Gulf Livery Limited Edition #14 with right hand gas pump.  This Gulf Porsche 935/77 stock # HC04 1/32 scale model slot car buy Racer offers fantastic slot car track performance with superb attention to detail. Comes with full Slot.It angle winder chassis and running gear with angle winder motor mount holding the Flat-6 20 K with 200g/cm of torque (motor rated at 12 volts).   Complete with spare rear racing tires. Chassis fully prepared for Scalextric Digital using the Slot.It digital chip (available separately), presented in a clear crystal display case for your collection.  $81.99 and in stock.  See you soon.  Joe