What’s New in HO 010414

Hi Guys,  Arriving Tuesday January 7:

From Tomy:

digital lap counter 1


Finally, a top quality digital lap counter that snaps on to any current AFX track and counts every lap, every time! But there’s more. You get a 5 second countdown to the start of the race and it even penalizes drivers if they jump the start.


Racers pick how long they want the race to be, up to 99 laps, then push the start button and wait for the countdown. But don’t jump too soon or you’ll be penalized 1 lap!

Got 4 lanes to race on? No problem! With a second Lap Counter you can handle all 4 lanes. Just connect the two counters with the supplied cable and start racing. You can even select one unit to be the master and one the slave. And the displays can flip as you need to make it easy to see who’s in the lead and who needs to get going faster!


tomy GT 40 sebring

AFX HO Scale Slot Car Racing GT40 Number 2 Sebring Collector’s Serries Slot Car (21006) $41.99

tomy mustang boss 302

AFX 21007 MUSTANG BOSS 302 1969 YELLOW $41.99

tomy camaro Z28

AFX 21009 CAMARO Z28 1969 BLUE, $41.99

tomy porsche 962 white blue red

TOMY 21012 PORSCHE, MEGA G $41.99

tomy porsche 962 red white 14

TOMY 21011 PORSCHE 962 #14 , $41.99

dual terminal track

Back in stock is the Tomy Dual Power Pack terminal track.  This allows one power pack per lane and eliminates power surges when one car comes off.  $19.99