Whats New in HO

Hi Guys,  Just in from Bauer of Germany:

 Bauer 4357 beer truck
This has to be the coolest (so far) HO slot car in quite a while.  This is a 1960’s Ford Taunus Transit BEER TRUCK WITH LOAD! The brand is Bamberger Hofbrau, the cost $87.99. Bauer #4357. (NOTE: the Euro is down slightly vs the Euro from my last order so these prices are all a few dollars less!)
 bauer 0913 BMW 2800 #10
Next is a 1971 BMW 2800 CS Alpina as it ran at Nurburgring in 1971, limited to 150 worldwide.  $97.99 Bauer # 0913
 bauer 4218 MB tobacco brown
Also a Mercedes Benz 180D in tobacco brown, #4218 $76.99
 bauer 4206 Borgward with skis
Restocks on the 4206 Borgward Isabella in beige with wooden skis on the roof, $76.99.
 bauer 4442 Alfa gold
Restock #4442, Alfa Romeo GTV in gold, $76.99
 bauer 4355 coal truck
Restock #4355, Ford Transit in blue with load of coal $77.99
 bauer 4315 Opel Rekord b-w
Restock #4315 Opel Rekord P2 in black with white roof, $76.99
Call or e-mail to reserve yours soon.  Joe