Whats New in H.O.

Hi Guys,  I have a few new custom armatures for Aurora/JL and AW cars.  Now in stock:


3.4 ohm double wind.jpg
This is a 3.4 ohm double wind.  This balanced armature with advanced timing  is great for the T-jet Terror class with Poly Jet magnets or Super 2’s.  This is a great road race motor. $30.00 

5.6 ohm 2 lam.jpg
This is a 5.6 ohm double wind with advanced timing which is a little better than a Mean Green and is balanced as well.  $30.00

4.4 ohm quadralam.jpg

This 4.4 ohm 4 lam motor is double wound and is a better replacement for the legendary AFX Quadralam.  With advanced timing, $50.00.
All are in stock.  See you soon.  Joe