Whats New in HO

Hi Guys,  Some interesting new HO products:
In the store:  A needlepoint oiler (or whatever you want it for) with a protective cover for the needle.  I don’t know about you but I am forever dropping my oiler bottle and breaking the tip or bending it totally out of shape.  This new 2 ounce poly oiler bottle comes with a cap that covers the entire needle.  $3.00 and in stock.

A plastic replacement tip for your broken metal oiler tip.  Made for the smaller 1 ounce clear plastic bottle this plastic tip is yet another solution to the broken oiler tip problem.  $3.00 each

I have been sealing decals on my slot cars for years using a liquid polymer that you can apply with a Q-tip and, since it is self leveling, it dries to a smooth, even, hard, clear finish in less than an hour.  I have cars I sealed years ago and the finish is still intact and never yellowed.  I like this much better than clear sprays which often run or go on too thick.  A one ounce bottle is $5.99 and should be good for dozens of slot cars.

Back in stock:  GoGo Terminator tires and GoGo race bodies.  We stock GoGo, Greg’s Garage and Boneshaker ECHORR and Fray approved bodies.
Coming soon from Super Tires:  Super Tires, best known for their ‘no tear’ 1/32 and HO silicone tires is testing and close to releasing a line of rounded edge silicone tires for the Tuff Ones/JL/AW rear wheels.  Currently being tested are tires in the .428 (too low and probably will not be made) through .460 sizes.  Super tires anticipates making these tires in both Compound A (what you usually buy from me) and in a new compound aimed at the Fray and ECHORR racers.  Availability and price will be announced as soon as I have more information. 
A reminder:  The new NJhobby.net website is up and growing.  The site is currently at over 80 pages with more being added daily.  Coming soon  -a return of the Friday night race reports.  Stop by and check it out soon. 
We are currently trying to develop a manageable way to list/show our 100’s of vintage HO cars on the website.  If you have special wants please give a call.
The race schedule for the last 2 months of the HO season will be posted by this weekend.  Check the website.
See you soon.   Joe