Back to Normal Hours as of 041514

Hi Guys,  The surgery went well and I am back in the store.  My hours are below:



SUNDAY – 1:00-5:00 PM


TUESDAY – 11:00-6:00 PM

WEDNESDAY – 11:00-6:00 PM

THURSDAY 1:00 – 8:00 PM

FRIDAY 1:00 – 9:00 PM

SATURDAY – 11:00-6:00 PM

Special Hours April 2014

Hi Guys,  I will be having surgery on April 3rd and the store will only be open a couple of days a week following that date.  Below are hours through April 13th.  I will update this if needed and will announce the return to normal hours.  Thanks Joe


Sunday March 30 1-5 PM

Monday March 31 Closed

Tuesday April 1 11-6 PM

Wednesday April 2 11-6 PM

Thursday April 3 CLOSED

Friday April 4 6 – 9 PM only

Saturday April 5 11-6 PM

Sunday April 6 1-5 PM

Monday April 7 CLOSED

Tuesday April 8 CLOSED

Wednesday April 9 CLOSED

Thursday April 10 CLOSED

Friday April 11 6-9 PM only

Saturday April 12 11-6 PM

Sunday April 13 1-5 PM

What’s New in One Thirty Two 031914

Just in from NSR:

NSR 1/32 Analog RTR Ford P68 #33 1968 BOAC 500 Brands Hatch Alan Mann Racing Livery – Drivers : Jochen Rindt & Mike Spence – Includes 20,000 RPM Shark Motor Sidewinder with lightweight drilled aluminum setscrew wheels front & back, lightweight drilled aluminum axle gear, brass pinion, traction magnet, clear coat finish over paint and Tampo printing for maximum durability and high gloss $108.99


 NSR1149AW Audi R8 #21 Speedhunters Belgian Audi Club Livery $106.99 Angle winder  Includes : Adjustable front axle ride height – Drop Arm type Guide Flag with Screw to Allow Fixed Position – Lightweight drilled aluminum setscrew wheels all around – All metal setscrew mount super smooth gearing – Heat treated axles – Machined bronze self lubricating bushings – Adjustable suspension motor pod – Anglewinder balanced King Motor with 21,400 RPM & 350 g-cm Torque “Magnetic Effect” – Clear coat finish over paint and Tampo printing for maximum durability and high gloss

NSR1149AW Audi R8 black

NSR1155SW Porsche 917K Gesipa Livery #14 $106.99 s Analog RTR Porsche 917K Gesipa 1,000km Monza 1970 Livery #14 – Sidewinder Shark Motor 20,000 RPM & 164gr-cm torque, aluminum setscrew wheels all around with air system wheels at the rear, heat treated axles, self lubricating bushings, EVO chassis with adjustable front axle ride height, clear coat finish over paint and Tampo printing for maximum durability & high gloss

NSR1155SW-porsche 917 blue yellow

What’s New in One Thirty Two 030414

Hi guys,  Just in from Scalextric and now in stock:


C3278 McLaren 12C in Volcano Yellow High Impact, DPR $44.99


C3460 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in Borrealis Orange, Full feature, head and tail lights, DPR, $54.99


C3527 Bugatti Veyron in red and white, High Impact, DPR $44.99 CW16

From Slot It: SICW16 Limited Edition Ford GT40 Gulf #9 1st at LeMans in 1968 driven by Pedro Rodriguez and Lucien Bianchi  $74.99 and in stock.

Call to reserve yours now.  Joe

What’s New in One Thirty Two 022214

Hi Guys,  Just in from Ninco:

Ninco Jaguar 120

This has to be one of the best looking Classics from Ninco, and I like almost all of them!  This is a Jaguar 120 as raced at Le Mans in 1951.  The color and detail are exceptional. #50695 $89.99 and in stock.

orange kartblue kart

Also just in from Ninco are two Go Karts.  I must confess to being quite disappointed several years ago when Ninco discontinued these cleverly designed, great looking karts that are a blast to drive.  Two new liveries have appeared, the Eagle #50641 and the Harpoon, #50640.  $89.99 each and in stock.  For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to try these at the store or in your home track, they have active front steering that works with the guide pin, turning the wheels through curves and the small can motor is completely hidden from view and provides enough punch to slide the rear out under power in the curves.  Don’t miss them this time around.

From Scalextric:


C3403, Maserati 250F droven by J. Bonnier in the Pescara GP in 1957,  $54.99 and in stock.

Also available is the full 2014 Scalextric Catalog #55, $10.99 and in stock.

See you soon.  Joe

What’s New In One Thirty Two 020414

Hi Guys,  Just in from Slot It:

The Audi R18 number 1 that raced at LeMans in 2011, $69.99, #CA 24bsica24b

A vintage McLaren M8E/D number 12 that ran at Silversone in 1974, check out the Led Zeppelin graphics!  $69.99 #CA26b


From Sideways:

sideways SW25 BMW

Schnitzer BMW M1, Group 5Norisring DRM winner 1981, SW25 $81.99

Also in this week Model car Racing #74, still only $6.95

See you soon.  Joe

What’s New in One Thirty Two

Hi Guys,  Apparently Scalextric thought it would be a good idea to release a bunch of cars after the holidays and here they are:

c3364. LOTUS F1

C3364 Lotus Renault, F1 Team 2013 livery,  $54.99


C3366 McLaren Mercedes F1 Vodafone, 2013 livery, $54.99


C3380 Maserati Trofeo “Jim Morrison” super resistant DPR , $44.99


C3388 Maserati Trofeo “ McCafe”  DPR $54.99


C3401 BMW Mini Countryman WRC, front/rear lights DPR $54.99


C3264 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700 DPR, super resistant, $37.99


C3410 Audi Quatro EV02 ‘Castrol, DPR, front/rear lights, $54.99


C3423 Dodge Charger Daytona Bobby Isaac, DPR $54.99

c3440 FORD ESCORT RS1600

C3440 Ford Escort RS1600, Monte Carlo, Front/rear lights, $54.99


C3408 MG Metro 6R4, ‘Racing” DPR, front/rear lights $54.99

C3429 Eagle Gurney-Westlake, Dan Gurney, Nurburgring car, 1967 $54.99


C3430 Cherolet Camaro 1969, J Peterson, US only car $54.99

All are in stock,  see you soon.  Joe

What’s New in HO 010414

Hi Guys,  Arriving Tuesday January 7:

From Tomy:

digital lap counter 1


Finally, a top quality digital lap counter that snaps on to any current AFX track and counts every lap, every time! But there’s more. You get a 5 second countdown to the start of the race and it even penalizes drivers if they jump the start.


Racers pick how long they want the race to be, up to 99 laps, then push the start button and wait for the countdown. But don’t jump too soon or you’ll be penalized 1 lap!

Got 4 lanes to race on? No problem! With a second Lap Counter you can handle all 4 lanes. Just connect the two counters with the supplied cable and start racing. You can even select one unit to be the master and one the slave. And the displays can flip as you need to make it easy to see who’s in the lead and who needs to get going faster!


tomy GT 40 sebring

AFX HO Scale Slot Car Racing GT40 Number 2 Sebring Collector’s Serries Slot Car (21006) $41.99

tomy mustang boss 302

AFX 21007 MUSTANG BOSS 302 1969 YELLOW $41.99

tomy camaro Z28

AFX 21009 CAMARO Z28 1969 BLUE, $41.99

tomy porsche 962 white blue red

TOMY 21012 PORSCHE, MEGA G $41.99

tomy porsche 962 red white 14

TOMY 21011 PORSCHE 962 #14 , $41.99

dual terminal track

Back in stock is the Tomy Dual Power Pack terminal track.  This allows one power pack per lane and eliminates power surges when one car comes off.  $19.99